What our Customers Say
Posted by: Rayleen Stafford from Conway, AR on 2017-05-16 02:28:21
I am enjoying the gardenia candle right now. It is such a wonderful candle just like the Carnation one. These candles are by far the best ever!! Will never be happy with other kind of candle. I have bought so many in the past because I love candles so much. It truly is one thing that relaxes me and these candles do the job for sure. My 20 year old son lights it for me and sets it close to where I sit when I come home from work. He knows how much I love these candles. Thank you for allowing me to try them!!
Posted by: Rayleen from Conway, Ar on 2017-04-29 13:55:19
I have been trying the Carnation scent candle. wow!! This is the best can't I have ever used​. the aroma is beautiful and long lasting. Thank you for such a great candle!
Posted by: Gary from Phoenix, AZ on 01/13/2017
I bought one of your Gardenia candles for my wife's birthday, recently. They are the best candle I have ever bought! She loves it! The scent fills up our whole house and is wonderful! Thank you for making my wife happy and myself.
Posted by: Mary Norton from Huntington, WV on 01/09/2017
Love these wax melts!!! The fragance is strong and lasts for awhile, shipping is super fast.
Posted by: Joyce Angleberger from Funkstown, MD on 2016-12-07 23:39:35
Expecting my 5th order this week, trying new scents. Delighted with the 5 tea light scents so far. It's hard to burn just one a day but trying. Advise others not to throw the boxes away--the fragrance lingers so I stick the boxes in a drawer for weeks. Best scented candles I've tried over many years. My list of favorite scents is growing. I expect to be a life-long Shortie's Candles customer! This review not solicited but from a grateful customer.
Posted by: Darlene Bero from Pocono Pines, PA on 09/23/2016
Received a replacement candle in two days after request. Customer service is excellent. Ordered 3 candles, Cinnamon bark, pumpkin soufflé and vanilla, as a house warming gift. The scents are wonderfully aromatic. Shortie's candles have replaced Yankee candles in my household. Will definitely be ordering more from this company I the near future.
Posted by: Donna Barranger from Tucson, AZ on 03/20/2016
Everyone that visits my house wants to know "Oh wow! what is that wonderful smell?" It's my Shortie's candles and wax melts. My mom was here last night and asked me for the name of the company. She loves the Gardenia candles. I gave her one but she wants more!!
Posted by: seema cristallo from albrightsville, pa on 05/18/2015
Shorties candles are the only candles I will purchase. Their scent lasts til the very end of the jar and the fragrences are so much like the real thing. I will never use any other brand of candle.
Posted by: francine from irmo, sc on 05/09/2015
candles are the best!!! very fast shipping Thank you.PS great deals!!!
Posted by: Patricia Fantoni from Louisville, Ky on 05/02/2015
It's very hard to find gardenia candles at all, much less some that have the right scent. Shortie's are exactly right and a treasure to have and use. Heavenly scent!
Posted by: Irene Patton from Upland, CA on 12/20/2014
I have ordered from Shorties Candles in the past and I recently purchased some more candles.... I absolutely love the candles. They last a very long time and they have so many different scents to choose from. I have my fair share of favorites. The fudge chocolate and vanilla bean are a couple of my favorites. There are so many!!! And their prices are great, very reasonable. I am a very HAPPY customer. I highly recommend their candles.
Posted by: Venus Head from Hesperia, Calif. on 11/23/2014
My daughter and I love your candles. She would love for you to make a Sandlewood and Gardenia candle. Thank you.
Posted by: Collen Cairy from Hesperia, Ca. on 11/23/2014
I also would love for you to make a Sweet Pea scented candle. Your candles are the best.
Posted by: Shirley from Hayward, CA on 11/11/2014
Recently purchased the wisteria candle from Reno, NV while vacationing. Came home and lit it. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful scent!!! I have always bought a certain name brand candle, (won't mention the name), because of the way the scent fills the room. After burning the Shortie's Soy candle, I have now switched over to this candle. I ordered online the Cinnamon Bark and starting burning it yesterday on the Fall day in the Bay Area, lovely seasonal scent. I will be back for more! Thank you :)
Posted by: ronald lowey from fort wayne, IN on 08/20/2014
your candles burn for well over 72 HOURS!! the price is really competitive and they burn for longer periods. they are AMAZING. have bought over 20 candles and my wife still enjoys every single one. thank you!!
Posted by: Lannah Smith from Fallon, NV on 07/09/2014
We love Shorties!!!!
Posted by: DAVID HART from CARLSBAD, CA on 03/13/2014
Posted by: Kim Oldfield from Deer Trail, Colorado on 03/07/2014
I burn a large Stargazer Lily in the Town Hall 7 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday. It lasts a whole month!! Everyone loves the perfume and people driving by when the door is open will actually stop and ask what smells so good! Absolutely decadent! Now my daughter (in Wyoming) is fully hooked too!
Posted by: Dana amaral from Riverside, California on 12/20/2013
I was given a bayberry candle as a gift. It smelled wonderful and burned great. I went to your site online and decided to try some melts. My husband raved about the smell and how wonderful it was and how it spread all over the house. I now am a loyal customer to shorties candles. Thank you very much for a quality candle!
Posted by: JoLene Elliott from Brainerd, Minnesota on 12/17/2013
Hello Shorty's.......for first time I purchased your large jar candles in Honeysuckle and Stargazer Lily.....I was shopping for "highly scented" candles.....and found your website. Your candles are incredibly scented!!! M entire apartment smells of whichever fragrant candle I am using at the time.......truthfully and honestly.....I will never buy candles anywhere else....have always been disappointed in candles I've purchased out there in the shopping world......but your candles are of high quality.....priced right.......and when I order them online....delivery is fast and the candles are well wrapped to prevent them from breaking.. Thank you for your products!!
Posted by: JoLene Elliott from Brainerd, Minnesota on 11/25/2013
I am a new customer and recently ordered the Stargazer Lily large jar candle and the Honeysuckle large jar candle.....AMAZING aromas !!!!! My entire apartment smells heavenly within minute after burning the candle.....I will order many many more for myself and for Christmas presents.. Thank you Shortie's !!
Posted by: Lori Conkle from GAHANNA, OHIO on 11/23/2013
Just received my first order from Shorties!! I chose the Nag Champa scent. I lit the pillars and my whole downstairs smelled wonderful!!!!! I have been a candle fanatic for many many years and I must say you guys ROCK!! The best candles Ive ever purchased!!! Im quite picky always going with Root, Goose Creek, Yankee or Partylite..Shortie's beats them all! Hands Down! So glad I decided to give you a try!!
Posted by: Teri from Crockett, Ca on 10/13/2013
I found your website by accident wanting long burning candles. BEST accident ever!!! I'll Order from you guys for the rest of my life & tell all my friends about your wonderful candles.
Posted by: Rene M. from Bridgeton, NJ on 10/04/2013
I just received my Baby Powder scented candles and it is the freshest scent I've owned yet. Just opening the top of the candle made the whole room smell great(didn't even have to light it). Thanks for the great product and decent price too. :)
Posted by: Von from Manhattan, Kansas on 08/31/2013
I LOVE all the wonderful scents. These candles are the best I have ever found. The new scents for autumn smell so good even without lighting them. The minute I open the box WOW wonderful scent! Your service and special offers are great too.
Posted by: Justin and Lannah Smith from Fallon, NV on 08/23/2013
Wow, your website looks amazing!!! Just one of the many things we have to come to love about your company!
Posted by: Kim Oldfield from Deer Trail, Colorado on 07/07/2013
People come to see me at town hall just to smell my candles! I purchased Stargazer first, then plumeria. I can't wait to try more! Just awesome scents!
Posted by: Joan Angel from Georgetown, TX on 06/04/2013
I called customer service last week after I had placed an order and asked if I could have shipment by Monday May 20th for a special event that I was having. The Lady I spoke to looked at the order and said yes she could make that happen and I would not need to pay additional monies. The order arrived Saturday afternoon!!!! I have not yet burned any of the candles but I am very pleased with your company.
Posted by: Von from Manhattan, Kansas on 06/02/2013
Love these candles. The scents are wonderful!! The prices are great and my orders arrive so fast.
Posted by: nancy from menifee, ca on 05/17/2013
These melts smell wonderful. I ordered vanilla walnut and Coffee break. Coffee Break is addicting! I love the scent throughout my home. Service was excellent. I ordered late Friday evening and had my melts by Tuesday morning.
Posted by: Lesley from Santa Maria, CA on 04/13/2013
I really must complain about the Vanilla Bean scent. It smells SO amazingly, deliciously wonderful, that I'm eating everything in the house in search of the source of the scent. Clearly, I will have to bake a vanilla cake; although I doubt that the baking cake will smell as good as the candle!!
Posted by: laura dickerson from victorville, CA on 04/08/2013
I love,love,love,love these candles willil only buy from here now.
Posted by: Dee Bragg from Sparks, NV on 03/25/2013
Thank you for having the honeysuckle scented candles! Honeysuckle is one of my all-time favorite scents but very few companies make anything with this scent. I found my first Shortie's Candle at the now-closed store, The Nevada Store. I loved it so much that I had to order more and will have at least one on hand all the time. Shortie's, also, shipped out my order very quickly and very well packed.
Posted by: Dee from Sparks, NV on 03/10/2013
I happened upon a Shorties candle at the now-closed Nevada Store. It was honeysuckle scented, which I had to try. I loved it! The fragrance was awesome and burned quite a long time. I am pleased to see that I can order directly from you!
Posted by: laura dickerson from victorville, ca on 02/18/2013
I Love these candles!! Repeat Buyer thats for sure
Posted by: Morgan OCailleigh from Albu2uerque, NM on 02/16/2013
I ordered my first candle and I LOVE IT!!! Even when not burning, it fills my house with a wonderful lavender scent. I'll be back!!!
Posted by: KandiRae from Camano Island, Washington on 01/23/2013
It took me 2 years of ordering inferior candles until I found Shortie's! Your candles are FABULOUS and the scent is AMAZIING! They are an easy sell with continuous repeat customers in our retail store. Thank you and keep adding NEW scents.
Posted by: Lil from Loxahatchee, FL on 11/02/2012
These candles are very long lasting and price is better than other famous brands. The scent permeates the rooms. I love these candles and happy that I found them.
Posted by: Nancy Palmer-Arbaugh from Tulss, OK on 10/24/2012
I have been ordering and using Shortie's candles for years. The Chocolate Brownie is to die for. No one else has a chocolate candle that smells real. I looked everywhere after Yankee stopped making that scent and finally found you. For years my BedV and Breakfast was a scent heaven because of you. Thanks!!!!
Posted by: laura flores from CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas on 09/09/2012
i have bought many brands of candles. i never thought i would find a brand that i would like more than yankee candles! shorties candles burn all the way down, dont produce smoke,but most of all the scents are to die for! the aromas are very noticeable in the air. I LOVE THESE CANDLES!
Posted by: Alveta Natal from Portsmouth, Va. on 06/28/2012
I also take my Shortie Candles on vacation with me to brighten up my surroundings. And the jars are recyclable for crafts.
Posted by: Alveta Natal from Portsmouth, Va. on 06/28/2012
I discovered Shortie Candles a couple of years ago while searching for highly scented candles that are true to fragrance and reasonably priced, as well as long lasting. I found all of these things in Shortie Candles. I also found you don't have to burn Shortie Candles as long as others to obtain a long lasting fragrance. I even burn them on the patio and during a light breeze, my guests get a gentle whiff and love it. They also make great additions to my wine gift baskets.
Posted by: Nelda Clements from Dayton, NV on 05/24/2012
We have ordered Shorties in 2003 and have continued since then. These candles are the longest burning, best smelling, and beautiful containers. The lamps are beautiful for any room. Since we are in NV, we even have access to them at the Farmers Market in Sparks, NV every summer.
Posted by: L Patrick from Indianapolis, IN on 05/15/2012
I love lavender and have had problems finding a candle that had the true lavender scent. These candles are GREAT! My home smells good even without lighting the candle!
Posted by: Liz McLeod from Irving, Texas on 03/08/2012
I ordered the Vanilla Walnut candle melts and love the smell. I have tried the Scentsy brand and think Shorties smelled the best and lasted longer. I'll be back for more and will try other scents from your company.
Posted by: Brandy from ID on 03/01/2012
I have been a Scentsy girl FOREVER! I stumbled across Shorties & decided to give it a try. Let me just say...AMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG!!!! The scents are phenomenal!! The lilac is PERFECT!!! And the Wisteria...phenomenal!! I'll stick with Shorties from now on!!!!! :)
Posted by: sandra lockwood from leonard, michigan on 02/16/2012
Dear Shorties Candles, Last month my son needed soy candles for a science project. I found your company online and i was so impressed by your custome service and also that i wasnt charged an arm and a leg for shipping. I just ordered some candles for myself and i will continue to buy my candles from you from now on. Thank you!
Posted by: Peggy B. from Nashville, Tennessee on 01/16/2012
Hi~ Wanted to write and let you know how glad I was to have found your site.I had bought "yankee candles",wal-mart candles,and even ordered from yankee candle co.'s sister company as they advertised "highly scented" candles.NO SMELL from any of them! I ordered a variety of votives from you,and I am in love! I HAVE to have strong scents,and oh my stars!! The BABY POWDER and HONEYSUCKLE are AWEWOME! I ordered a 2nd time,and got a 6 pk of Honeysuckle votives and a container of the honeysuckle melters.The wax melters put out a scent so fabulously i almost couldn't believe it! I am now on my 3rd order in less than a month,if that tells you anything..BABY POWDER is on this one..THANK YOU FOR the STRONG SCENTS! make em stronger if ya wanna~! :)
Posted by: Abigail from Huntington Beach, CA on 12/20/2011
I've been buying Shortie's candles for YEARS, since Shortie's was a little booth at our local farmer's market! The customer service and the product quality are unparalled. It's Shortie's candles or bust. Thank you Shortie's for all you do!
Posted by: Barbara M. from Sun City, AZ. on 12/14/2011
I recently moved from Reno, Nv where you are located to Sun City Az. and I was a little unhappy that I would have to pay larger shipping charges so stopped at the Yankee Candle Store to see what they had. I could not bring myself to purchase any candles there since I LOVE LOVE your candles so much and cannot bring myself to purchase any other brand. I burn the Tahoe Pine all through December so my house smells like a real Christmas Tree in the desert. Even with the higher shipping rates your candles are more economical than any other not to mention the wonderful way it makes our home feel and smell. I will never switch.
Posted by: Deb Ramsey from CT on 12/14/2011
I love, love, love Shortie's scented candles. Especially Nag Champa and Cappichino Brulee!! The scents are true and you can select the strength from mild to strong. Hugs to everyone at Shortie's!!!
Posted by: Carmen Turner from Las Vegas, Nevada on 12/11/2011
Your candles are the best with the strong strengths that I love. That is one reason I was disappointed with the 22 oz candle I recently purchased of teakwood and violet. There is no discernable scent. I'm not returning them because it's too much trouble, but I did want you to know of my first disappointment with your candles.
Posted by: ShaRon from Peers, Alberta on 11/30/2011
I recently bought the sandlewood and rose scented candles. This is the first time I tried them and found them to be extremely strong, not one I will buy again. Best to try only one candle till you find out if your going to like it.
Posted by: Loretta from se, FL on 11/17/2011
I know for a fact that Shorties candles are the BEST scented candles ever...... Once you try them for certain you will continue to go back... They have the best scents ever and really do the job they are meant to do..... make a room smell heavenly... With the holidays quickly approaching,, I highly recommend these candles for gifts for people......
Posted by: Anne Mayville from Reno, nv on 11/05/2011
I am an expensive candle snob. My husband gave me several Shorties candles for my birthday. I was very skeptical. After burning the candles I am a huge fan of Shorties. One candle infuses an entire level of my home with an intoxicating amazing scent. Thank you for making a candle that is of the highest quality.
Posted by: Suzanne Priddy from Reno, NV on 09/15/2011
I am proud to say that I discovered these candles 5 or 6 years ago. There is nothing like them. It's been one of my best discoveries all time. They make greeeaaaat gifts. Everyone that has recieved one from me always wants to know where I get these. AWWWSOME
Posted by: Judy from Tujunga, CA on 09/07/2011
I love candles but so many candles fall short on scent. Not Shortie's candles. The scents our wonderful. I love this country and I'm doing my part to help the country. I'm not traveling out of the USA and I'm buying US products. Shortie's is a great US company. Thank you for making my home smell wonderful.
Posted by: Laura Messer from Portland, ME on 08/30/2011
Hi, I am trying your candles for the first time and I have to say, I am impressed! Right now I am burning the Mulberry jar candle and the scent is wonderful, fills the whole livingroom! It is burning even too which is nice that there will be no wasted candle when it's done. I also think the jars are great and look forward to repurposing them when the candles are done. The only issue I see is after burning for awhile the wick builds up a big ball of carbon on top. Anyway, I have a blueberry and a blackberry to burn after the Mulberry is done. Pretty sure I will love them as well.
Posted by: Gloria from Tucker, GA on 08/05/2011
Your candles are EXCELLENT. I enjoy every candle I have ordered from your company. I don't order as much as I would like. Have you ever made Pathouli Amber, it is a woodsy scent or Serenity is somewhat clean and heavy scented? Just looking for something new and different.
Posted by: MJ Marter from NJ on 04/20/2011
I am blown away by the Teakwood & Violet! I have never smelled anything like it and will be back for more!
Posted by: Steve Marquis from Sunnyvale, CA on 04/20/2011
I have ordered Shortie's candles over the years and LOVE them. I get them by the case, and use them in my bathroom, bedroom, and living room areas, and give them as gifts to friends and family and they are the best and my friends rave about them. The best scent that lasts and they burn beautifully. I am one happy customer!!!
Posted by: Felicia Miller from Marlton, NJ on 04/09/2011
WOW, is all I can say! From the customer service to the amazing scent of the candle, what a wonderful experience. I will only order from Shortie's becasue I can be sure to get a strong, declicious scented candle! The compliments are never ending when people come to visit - my home smells great! Thank you!!!!! Felicia
Posted by: Shannah from Reno, Nevada on 02/15/2011
These candles are beyond amazing. They really do the job and will make any room smell incredibly delicious! I love these candles and know you will too! Give Shorties a chance! Try them!!! You will not be disappointed! :)
Posted by: Sharon McGillivray from Peers, Alberta on 01/28/2011
I love Shorties Candles. The scents last the same from start to finish, and burn all the way to the bottom. I have tried other candles from other stores and was disappointed at their scents. They start out fine but seem to fade out and sometimes after burning for a while didn't smell very nice. They also didn't burn right down to the bottom. I also like the Idea of soy candles over wax. Shorties gives one a choice. I will only order from Shorties.
Posted by: Tonya from Georgia on 01/26/2011
I love Shortie's Candles. I'm never disappointed. Wonderful Customer Service.
Posted by: John M. Lowry from Las Cruces, NM on 01/20/2011
I admittedly am a candle nut. I love coming into a house that smells great. I've tried practically every candle made and am usually disappointed with the results. Shorties Candles are the exception. After a few minutes burning the candle, the fragrance fills a good part of my 2,000 sq.ft. house. Even after a vacation of several days, I can return home and the house still smells fresh and inviting. Thanks Shorties Candles.
Posted by: blanche johnson from las vegas, nv on 12/31/2010
I have been ordering Shortie's Candles for more years then I have fingers more orders then I can remember THE BEST long lasting scents until the end of the candles thanks, thanks, don't change a thing.
Posted by: Cheryl from Reno, Nevada on 12/14/2010
These are the best candles I have ever purchased. My daughter has one of the Chocolate Fudge Brownie candles in her guest bathroom and the sent fills the whole house with the smell of chocolate so I needed to have one for myself. I checked out the website and couldnt believe the selection of wonderful fragrences. Needless to say I am on a mission to try each of them.Each one I try is almost better than the last. Customer service is the greatest. If you ever need to call you will probably talk to Georgia, she is the best!! There are always great sales too, you must try these candles you wont be sorry!!
Posted by: Mansfield Dental from Mansfield, Texas on 11/11/2010
We use your candles and candle warmer with your 22 oz jar candles - and our office smells great. All the patients ask us what smells so good and we tell them "Shorties Candles-here's there web address." If you can make a dental office smell good - then it's a GREAT candle!!!
Posted by: Bambie from Pinedale, WY on 10/29/2010
I didn't know anything about these candles when I decided to place my order on line; honestly, i just liked the name, Shortie's! I am so happy that I bought them. I never expected to stumble across such an awesome product. I bought 5 different scents and each one is exactly as I imagined it should smell! They are all fresh, crisp, and the strongest I've ever experienced. Plus the shipping was super fast and the quality packaging made sure they arrived safely. I will be a customer of this company for years to come.
Posted by: Donna Foley from Raleigh, NC on 10/16/2010
I too am hooked on these candles. I started ordering 2 years ago and these candles have the nicest aromas and they burn the correct way. I do like these candles better than the Yankee Candles and will continue to purchase them. The make my home smell so good.
Posted by: ing from Champaign, IL on 10/03/2010
This is the only place I've ever found carnation-scented candles. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product.
Posted by: Cynthia from Winona, MS on 10/01/2010
Just wanted to say there was a mixup with my order and it never got where it was supposed to and it was brought to the attention of the "Shortie's" people and they immediately sent out another order...thank you so much as it was a gift for a special friend...hard to find such good customer service these days.....!!!
Posted by: Sweet Sue from Wausau, WI on 10/01/2010
The Chocolate Fudge Brownie candles rock big time - they are by far the best smelling candles ever. I am never without one in my house and buy them often for gifts. What is amazing about this is the fact that I don't even like to eat chocolates.
Posted by: Kris Scott
I want you to know how much I love my candle warmers. I got my first one two years ago. I will have one on almost all the time I am home. I hope you stay in business a very very long time.
Posted by: Lisa from Chilliwack, BC on 09/21/2010
I just got my warmers and melts today. It barely took a week "to Canada". I am impressed with how quickly i received my pkg! I plugged in the mini warmer in my kitchen, put 1 block of the your vanilla/chocolate melt in and my whole house smells of it. I can't wait to try the full size warmer!
Posted by: Anita Haven from Bel Air, MD on 09/06/2010
For a long time I have tried to find chocolate candles. I'm a chocoholic. I love dark chocolate. I went on the Intenet one day to try to find candles and came across Shorties. I noticed Chocolate Fudge Brownie and decided to try it. I love it. My entire home smells like chocolate whenever the candle is lit. It is the strongest scent I've ever been able to find. I have already recommemded the company and will continue to do so.
Posted by: Daniel from St.Louis, MO on 08/10/2010
I ordered a candle on thursday, and I accidentally used the wrong card number. A lady called me about an hour later to correct it, and said they were shipping it on that day. Then I got the candle on Saturday, with total discounts of 50%. Plus, they're the best candles there are. I've bought several candles and will continue to buy them.
Posted by: Jeanette Lunardi from Dublin, California on 07/21/2010
I had been looking everywhere for Jasmine candles. I found this company has them, ordered them.. received them so fast and the scent is so amazing I had to order more!! The service and the product is wonderful!! I will definitely be recommending Shortie's Candle Company to everyone and will be ordering more... Thank you!
Posted by: Kim McCarthy from Geneseo, il on 07/16/2010
I love your candles. I have purchaced several different scents and love them all. One of them was not as strong as I liked ( I like them strong) so I contacted your company via email..The response was quick and options were many to make me happy. You now have a customer for life.
Posted by: Sharon from Tonawanda, NY on 06/17/2010
Your product line is amazing. I buy your candles to give as gifts, but once I get them, they're hard to part with! I love your seasonal scents
Posted by: blanche from Las Vegas, NV on 05/28/2010
Please don't change ANYTHING. Perfect. Don't even change the Beautiful website. Wonderful scents. Long lasting. Betcha can't Burn just one. Don't change a thing.
Posted by: Jeff H from Canadian, OK on 05/18/2010
I purchased a combo warmer and several melter fragrances as an anniversary gift. I was amazed with the house filling fragrance that one (of six) blocks of the melters gave to the entire house "1400 sq ft". In fact, I had house guests dining with me on the patio outside that commented on the amazing fragrance they smelled from outside. Much better than any candle could provide, and no soot.
Posted by: Marsha from Knoxville, TN on 03/30/2010
These are the best candles ever!! Long lasting and beautiful aromas.. Love them
Posted by: Arlene from Union City, NJ on 02/12/2010
Hi All! Want to let you know that I received my candles today!! Thanks so much for the incredibly fast delivery!! :) The heart candle is so outstanding (even better in person than the pics on the website!)... wish I had ordered more! You guys & your products once again are terrific... top notch! Thank you & Happy Valentine's Day from New Jersey!
Posted by: Heather from Mayer, MN on 02/15/2010
I recently stumbled upon your website and ordered the stargazer lily melters. They arrived and I am BLOWN away by the scent and the quality. I can't wait to try other products.
Posted by: JEFFREY E. STERN from LANARK, IL on 02/08/2010
I just received my order of melts and I’m very impressed with them. They’re better than any febreeze, glade, and J&J company products I see in the stores. Definitely will re-order and would recommend your products if you LOVE getting your money worth in a GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Linda Erickson from Hartford, WI on 01/29/2010
I found your website last year and have made several purchases...tea lights, and melts are my favorite......Dickens Christmas was the best scent for the holidays...waiting to experience the spring scents.
Posted by: Avis H. from McKeesport, PA on 01/18/2010
I received my candles. I had ordered the mulberry scent. I must say that they smell better than any mulberry scented candle I have ever had! They smell like you want to eat them! These candles are wonderful, and you have made a new customer for a long time! I am very impressed, and that is not easy to do. Thank you so much for these great candles.
Posted by: Sandra Schriner from Sparks, NV on 01/03/2010
I cannot believe how wonderful these candles are!!! I've tried three scents so far and love them all! I've been recommending them to one and all.
Posted by: Dennis Kornbluth from Miami, Florida on 12/28/2009
I have left testimonials before, attesting to the superiority of Shortie’s Candles. I also have been purchasing ALL of my candles, melters, etc., from them for almost 3 years now. I recently tried 4 of their newest melter and candle scents, and I was totally blown away! The scents are: Apple Afternoon, Dicken’s Christmas, Blueberry Cobbler, and Autumn Splendor. I honestly have used most of their product line, and like most people, I also have my favorites. The 4 which I have just mentioned are now definitely among my very favorites! Basically, whatever candle or melter scent that you choose, from their extremely vast variety of aromas, you can’t go wrong! I unequivocally, 100% attest to the quality of ALL the products, which Shortie’s produces. Furthermore, the courteous and professional customer service, that you will receive, is far and away superior to any other similar company existing in the U.S.! In summation, if you wish your home to always smell wonderful from the aromas of candles and melters, and you wish to purchase only the very finest of these products, then using Shortie’s is the only way to go!! Dennis K. Miami, Florida
Posted by: Toby O. from Bellevue, WA on 12/17/2009
Hello there--I absolutely cannot believe how fast I received my shipment of your wonderful candles. I told you I would be back and I am!!! Thank you so much...what a great company!!! Happy holidays to you all and you can be sure that all my friends and family will be delighted as well!!! Toby
Posted by: Maria Ranallo from Pittsburgh, PA on 12/06/2009
Love them!!!! This is my first purchase & I bought a variety of scents. We have been burning Cristmas Eve & Autumn Splendor they have nice scents that are not to strong or to weak just right!!!
Posted by: Toby O. from Bellevue, WA on 11/17/2009
I received my 3 Cinnamon Spice candles today and want to thank you for the prompt delivery...they smell wonderful. Good service!!! I will be back soon!!
Posted by: Laurie Sayre from Yuba City, CA on 11/13/2009
Hello-I just wanted to tell you, I received my candles today...very prompt...thank you. I work from home 40 hrs a week. I Have the Spiced Amaretto candle burning in my office and it is awesome! Thank you so much for making quality candles. This is my first purchase and I am very pleased. Keep up the great work and excellent customer service!
Posted by: DONNA VERKEST from LAKE ORION, MI on 11/11/2009
I recently tried the new Cinnamon Spice scent and think it is one of your best.
Posted by: Phyllis from Reno, NV on 10/19/2009
I gave one Apple Afternoon plus a heating lamp to one friend that was visiting for her birthday and my friend #2 loved it so much she wanted one as well. I give the heat lamps to everyone I know, with an Apple Afternoon. Such a great gift, everyone I know loves them. I hope you never stop making Apple Afternoon...it's a real hit with everyone. If you do ever decide to not make it I hope you will let me know so I can stock up. Phyllis
Posted by: Jeanie Riggs from Sparks, Nevada on 09/05/2009
ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS "OH MY GOSH!!" I have the vanilla bean candle burning right now and it is fabulous! 100% better than salt city and so, so much better to deal with [I NEVER thought I would say that!] I am the ultimate candle person and never found a candle [EXCEPT] salt city that the scent could smell all over the house! Who wants to only smell a candle when you put your nose right up on it! I met the owner and what a wonderful person! Very knowledgeable too!!! I could tell she was the ultimate candle person like I am! I am sooo happy to have found Shortie's!!!! I will buy from them again and again! We are also going to be putting them in our giftshops where I work and I will be their biggest fan!!! Highly recommend!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!! TRY SHORTIE'S,YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! GREAT WEBSITE TOO!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!
Posted by: Graham from Orlando, FL on 09/02/2009
I ordered the Cucumber & Cantaloupe it was amazing. This was a favorite scent that was discontinued by Yankee. I am so happy to have found an even better replacement! Thank You Shortie's
Posted by: LISA BAKER KAIL from COVINGTON, TN on 09/01/2009
I know I just posted but I had to tell everyone. I got the White Chocolate Mint. I brought it to work for my candle warmer. There are a lot of ladies that can't stand the sweet smells so I thought-let me try the food smells. I wish I had stock in Hershey's Milk Chocolate today. Everyone loves this candle. I have seen more co workers today trying to find the smell of the candle than I have in several months. Even the book keeper came out of his "closet" looking for where the smell was coming from. Thanks for the great candle.
Posted by: Lisa Baker Kail from Covington, TN on 08/28/2009
I ordered the White Chocolate Mint and it is wonderful. I have it on my warmer now in the kitchen. Thanks for making a wonderful candle!
Posted by: Christianna T. from Inglewood, CA on 08/12/2009
My name is Christianna and I am Junes’ daughter. You recently did some custom candles for her for a textile line called Nutmeg, by J. Robert Scott. I just wanted to let you know that I cannot get enough of the candle you made. It is SO delicious smelling. In fact when my mother brought it home I wouldn't let go of it, let alone take a breath without it. You have made a wonderful candle!
Posted by: Cathi from Grand Prairie, TX on 06/09/2009
I ordered for the first time and can say I am 100% satisfied. I had been ordering for years from Illuminations, and was heartbroken when they went out of business. But while searching online for a new source, found Shorties --- and found they had Carnation scented candles, and Lilac scented too!! The candles fill the room with wonderful, true fragrance immediately. And best of all, they burn clean. No waste ! Thanks Shorties.
Posted by: Karla from Colorado Springs, CO on 05/23/2009
I just happened to come across your candle site online. I ordered a few just to try them out. I love the different categories you list them in. I chose mine by way of popularity and strength of the scent (I have 2 dogs in my house.) The candles are great! I am able to purchase the Yankee Candles at 1/2 price, but find that I prefer the Shortie’s Candles. Shorties does run some great specials, AND your customer service is GREAT! Thanx!
Posted by: Sharon A. Curvin from Tonawanda, NY on 05/20/2009
I love your candles and am very particular about what I buy. I don't like "over the counter" candles. The scents are incredible and long lasting. Every scent reminds me of something peaceful, exhilarating, putting me in the holiday mood. Vitality Settlements, Inc.
Posted by: Bart Weger from Lewisville, Tx on 05/05/2009
I just came across Shortie’s Candle Company on the internet a couple of weeks ago. Several months ago I had purchased another companies scent warmer but really thought their scent melters were a little expensive so I had 2 warmers I wasn’t using. I decided to try Shortie’s scented oil melters, they were reasonably priced so I thought I’d give them a try. I received my order in 2-3 days and could smell the scents through the box. Pleasantly surprised, these oil melters are GREAT! I have just ordered 8 more scents today and can’t wait to get them.
Posted by: Mary K. from Davenport, IA on 03/31/2009
Hello - I just received the candles from you. I USED to be a huge Yankee and Party-Lite fanatic.... until today. Your candles are the best. I lit the Eucalyptus and its been 15-20 minutes and my entire house smells awesome. You have just gained a new customer! I will be emailing my sisters and letting them know also about your products. THANK YOU THANK YOU Mary K.
Posted by: Gary P from El Cajon, CA on 03/30/2009
All I gotta say is Wow!!!! I purchased pineapple candles a few months back and those were yummy, But the clearance strawberries n cream... What a wonderful perfect scent, can't wait to try the chocolate fudge brownie, and I'm a dude!!! You guys are the best! Thanks for helping me make a scentful sanctuary in my home. Gary P.
Posted by: Lynn from Ellison Bay, Wisconsin on 04/09/2009
Your candles are amazing. I am into aroma therapy, and I can always count on Shortie's Candles to create a rich, lasting aroma. Summer and winter find me shopping your candles for myself and friends. Keep up the great work. Your product is better than any others!
Posted by: Arlene from Union, NJ on 03/26/2009
Dear Shorties - I recently received my very first order from Shorties (thanks Melissa!) and I have to say your candles are really awesome! I only placed a small order to try them out & I certainly was not disappointed!! The fragrances and clean burning of the candles is exceptional! I will be ordering again & further recommending your website to friends!! Thanks & Best Regards, Arlene, Union, NJ
Posted by: Kristen from Sparks, NV on 03/12/2009
Hello! I just wanted to let you know how amazingly amazing your candles are. Last year, on April 1st, I went to a wedding where they had your tealights as favors, and on the way home I accidentally dropped one in my mom’s car and couldn’t find it. Turns out it was under her seat . . . but the car smelled overwhelmingly like chocolate for like, over a month! It was an accident, but a good one! That just goes to show you how powerful these scents are.
Posted by: Valerie from N/A, N/A on 03/09/2009
I just wanted to tell you that a friend of mine gave me some of your candles and I am in love. I have had the blueberry going all weekend. Thank you so much for creating candles with great scents and great looks. I will be ordering some in the near future for me and for gifts!!!!
Posted by: A Return Customer from Benbrook, TX on 02/27/2009
I shop many online vendors for scented wax, but I always return to Shortie's for your wonderful fragrances and most important of all, your customer service! During our economic crisis, it is so important to have people like Georgia, who is the customer rep that helped me by e-mail and phone to find products that my computer wouldn't allow me to view. She also pointed out new fragrances I had overlooked, and samples she could send to me to try. Thank you so much! I can hardly wait to receive my latest order!
Posted by: Lisa from Reno, NV on 02/22/2009
I bought two of the 16 oz. vanilla bean candles (in the recent past) and I got so many compliments about the scent. Thank You for making such a great smelling candle.
Posted by: C Cummings from Queens, NY on 01/17/2009
I ordered the Fresh Peppermint candle and it smells fantastic. I want to use these candles for my basketball team fundraiser. I love them and I have tried a lot of candles... Thanks !!!!!!!!!
Posted by: DEBRA from PADUCAH, KY on 01/10/2009
Posted by: Stephanie from Akron, Ohio on 01/06/2009
I love Shortie's Candles!! I was very scared to try them because I am such a huge fan of Yankee Candle. But I decided to give them a try and sure enough I love them!! I got Banana Nut Bread and it is very strong which I love. I also got Butter Pecan and Apple Cinnamon! I love them all. I burn candles like crazy so I will order again for sure. Thanks so much and I love my candles!!
Posted by: Leann R. from Bardstown, KY on 12/13/2008
I received the candles I ordered and I love the pineapple scent! It is one of the most fragrant candle I've bought. The other is a gift so I can't burn it. Just wanted to let your hear from a satisfied customer. Thanks
Posted by: Cynthia from Corpus Christi, TX on 12/05/2008
I just received my 2nd order it is Mistletoe what a wonderful fragrance. It reminds me of when I was growing up as a child. The smell of Christmas Tree, apples, ribbon candy and all the other great smells of Christmas. Shortie’s you have made my Christmas. God Bless and Happy Holidays!
Posted by: Ilene from Reno, Nevada on 11/30/2008
I received my first Shortie’s Candle, as a Christmas gift, in 2005. I have been addicted ever since! These are the most aromatic candles I have ever used. I usually burn the Honeysuckle at night when I relax. I very reluctantly snuff it after an hour. The fragrance is very heady and relaxing. When people pop in they always remark on the scent and want to know where to get the candle. When you use your first Shortie’s you will say ”Yankee? Yankee who?”
Posted by: Cynthia Marie from Corpus Christi, TX on 11/18/2008
I just received my candle "Spicy Pumpkin" and I have been burning it for about 25 min. and believe me it has permeated most all of the house. I am now in the Thanksgiving mood to bake. God Bless and Happy Turkey Day Shortie’s & Caring Staff
Posted by: Adriana Arce from Laredo, Texas on 11/05/2008
I received my order last night and I immediately placed one of the Scented Oil Melters on the warmer.....two hours later my daughter and her boyfriend arrived and the moment she walked in the house she asked “What is that awesome smell?” I smelled it outside by the door. My whole house smelled beautiful thanks to Shortie’s Candles. I was hesitant to placing the order but based on all the great reviews I decided to take a chance and boy am I glad I did. Shortie’s Candles scents exceeds Yankee and Home Interior candles. Thank you for your awesome and strong scent.
Posted by: Dr. Charles R. Heltsley from Cape Coral, FL on 10/10/2008
Good evening! First of all, let me say that I love your candles!! They are way better than Yankee Candle and for the most part I can get 3-4x as many candles from your store vs. one or two of theirs!!! I do have a question. Have you in the past, or would you ever consider doing a Sweet Almond Oil scented candle? That would be awesome!!! And what about an English Rose or Amber or Ylang Ylang scent? I have others in mind too, but I would love to see the ones I mentioned. I look forward to hearing from you!!! Best Regards
Posted by: Ana from Aventura, FL on 10/01/2008
Hello, I just want to thank you for excellent customer service. Yesterday after placing an order I realized that it might arrive after I leave town next Saturday. I called your order line and spoke with a delightful woman (sorry I don't recall her name) who said she would ship it right out and she did!!!! If I was not already in love with your fabulous candles, I certainly would have become a loyal customer after this experience. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!
Posted by: Jackie from Omak, WA on 08/29/2008
Hello, I want to give you a huge THANK YOU for these 2 nice candles that I ordered from you! They arrived today, very quickly, pkg'd nicely, and of course in my favorite fragrance. "apple cinnamon" It is so nice to know you are there-- thank you again! Sincerely, Jackie S.
Posted by: Rebecca Rosario from Carol Stream, IL on 08/29/2008
I would like everyone to know these candles are the BOMB! I especially love the melts I used just one and it scented the whole house. I'm happy I finally found someone who sells candles and melts that really do have a high fragrance. You now have a customer for life. Becky
Posted by: Scott from Reno, NV on 07/8/2008
Your candles rock my socks!! I love them, every time I light one my nose drifts away to heaven! Let’s just say when I’m home I’m in heaven. I bought the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Candle...And it smells just like the cookies my mom used to bake. And the lady I spoke to on the phone was wonderful, she had absolutely no problems helping me choose the scent!! I love your product and I love your website! I will recommend you to all of my friends!
Posted by: A CANDLE LOVER from SOUTHSIDE, AL on 07/4/2008
Posted by: Gerry from N/A, N/A on 06/30/2008
Good day to you. My son gave me 8 of your candles. WOW! They are amazing. The aroma is true to the scent. My office is infused with such pleasant aromas. I love the Vanilla Bean. Thank you for making a great product. Best wishes, Gerry
Posted by: Tina Pepito from Philadelphia, PA on 05/31/2008
I had been searching online for candle companies that offered the best scents for the lowest prices when I happened to come across your website. I placed my first order in April. I ordered 6 samples “The Melters” just to see if I liked them. I was impressed with the short shipping time. I think I ordered from your site on a Sunday and within 2-3 days my order arrived. I was so excited to come home from work and see my box of candles. I do love the scents, the prices, the ease of ordering, and the quick delivery time. I am getting ready to place a second order today. Congratulations on such a great candle company. Keep up the good work.
Posted by: Ingrid Butron from Sacramento, CA on 05/29/2008
I wanted to say thanks so much because I had ordered 3 day express shipping and you sent me a note with the order saying ground was cheaper and I would receive this in the same time with the less expensive shipping costs because of my location. You have great products and are honest people thanks so much!
Posted by: Connie from Liberty Center, OH on 05/18/2008
I just melted your vanilla bean melters and even after I turned off the burner I could still smell it. I use to buy Yankee but I will be buying your candles from now on. As a matter of fact I just ordered more. The vanilla is great. Thanks for a great smelling product! Connie
Posted by: Patricia Leary from Old Saybrook, CT on 04/29/2008
I just received my order from you today for two jar candles and two packages of scented oil melters. They are awesome! Within minutes the delightful aroma of teakwood and violet filled my entire home. I've been buying tarts from a well known candle store and they can't begin to compare with yours. You have a new very satisfied repeat customer. A friend will be ordering from you this week as well! Bravo Shorty!
Posted by: Suzi Cook from Benbrook, TX on 04/7/2008
My husband received one of your candles at a class with the Federal government. It is the best smelling candle I have ever lit in my house, and wanted to let you know. Thank you for such a pleasure. I have four dogs and one cat, my house is clean, but this is bliss. Thank you So much. Fragrance is paradise pear.
Posted by: Cheryl from Racine, WI on 04/7/2008
I have been a fan of Shortie’s Candles for along time. The fragrances are awesome and so is the fast delivery and excellent customer service. I love the new website and have told all of my friends about it! I love the melters....will make great presents or samplers for new fans. They also like suggestions for fragrances. Thank you so much for such an exciting treat for us! From Wisconsin, thank you, Cheryl
Posted by: JOAN BOGGS from FRESNO, CA on 03/31/2008
Posted by: Jessica from Vacaviile, CA on 03/19/2008
Let me tell you how I have now had the privilege of having it all. I recently contacted your office about your candles and I received the best customer service I have ever had, I received samples in a timely manner and then submitted my order on a Sunday and had my candles on Tuesday not to mention a tracking # with fed ex for the anxious people like myself who are candle addicts. Upon arriving I could not wait to light and smell them to my surprise they are what they are cracked up to be absolutely THE BEST!!!!!! I am forever in your debt and a customer 4 life and will only recommend you. Thank-you.
Posted by: Stacy B from Rockledge, FL on 01/31/2008
Dear Customer Service: I just wanted to send you an email letting you know that I received my candle order yesterday, and I LOVE the scents! They are the most realistic smelling Jasmine and Stargazer candles that I have EVER purchased! I used to be a loyal Yankee Candie customer, while I do like the scents they have - there is no comparison to yours! I am very excited and will be a return customer for years to come! Keep up the fantastic quality of work!
Posted by: Marti Lindsay from State College, PA on 01/31/2008
I LOVE your candles. These are the best candles I have purchased. Can't tell you how much I enjoy the scents you have and how well then scent my home. You are the only place I will purchase my candles from ... so far I have ordered 3 times. Thanks so much for such a wonderful candle.
Posted by: Lannah from Reno, NV on 01/17/2008
I've been buying your candles for years! I just want everyone out there to know that they are the best!!! I bought a candle from your kiosk on 12-15-07 as a gift for a friend and the service was great just what I've come to expect from Shortie's Candle Company!!! Thanks your loyal customer!
Posted by: Pamela J Garcia from Sparks, NV on 01/4/2008
A friend of mine from work bought me my first Shortie's candle, and I fell in love with it. I found Shortie's in the mall the day after Thanksgiving and when I was telling the cashier how I loved the candles, Shortie was there and I got to meet her. What a darling she was, and so talented. She should be proud of her creations. The candles fill my whole house with scent. I have passed them on to my daughter and friends and they love them too. It's exciting to have a local successful company as this. I even had a phone call tonight from Shortie her self, concerned that my order would be late because of the storm our city is expecting tonight. WHAT A JOY. Thank you Shortie, your candles are the only ones I will purchase from now on. Pamela Garcia
Posted by: Mandee from Hawthorne, NV on 12/18/2007
I bought a Shortie's candle, and WOW fell in love with it! I am a candle junkie, at I have to say that Shortie's Candles are by far the BEST ever!
Posted by: Jamie from Talihina, OK on 12/16/2007
I love candles! I thought I would give your candles a try. Boy, I am glad I did. You have one of the best mulberries I have ever smelt. I also love the lemongrass. Your candles are strongly scented but, in a good way. I can't wait to try my other candles I ordered. I placed my order to give some as Christmas gifts but, I like them so much I can't part with them. I can't wait to try more.
Posted by: Valerie from Rialto, CA on 12/12/2007
I received my order on 12/11/07. I ordered the Blueberry Cobbler and the Chocolate Fudge Brownie . I burned the Blueberry Cobbler last night and the scent could be smelled throughout the house. If you are looking for a strong candle that burns evenly and strong then try Shortie's Candles, they are the best!
Posted by: Sheila from Calimesa, Ca on 12/4/2007
I have been buying Shortie's Candles for a couple of years now, not only for myself but for gifts. My favorites are the "spicy" candles, such as Sandlewood and Nag Champa. I also love Spicy Pumkin and Carrot Cake. The recipients of Shortie's Candles are always pleased. I no longer buy any other candles. Thank You so very much for having such a great product.
Posted by: Adele from Mountain Home, AR on 11/27/2007
I got the Chocolate Fudge Brownie candle and a Hershey's candle for birthday presents this year. Shortie's candle has a FAR BETTER smell than the Hershey's! Thanks for a great candle!
Posted by: Dee from Gardnerville, NV on 11/18/2007
I've been disappointed in candles for years--always buying tons of different kinds but never finding any that would last or keep my house smelling good. Then I was at the mall (a very rare thing for me) and saw your kiosk and thought, what the heck, let’s try it again. And I have to say I was AMAZED! I purchased a warmer and the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and am definitely ADDICTED to your candles. I will never buy any other candles again. And with your website available, I don’t even have to leave the house :) Keep up the good work!!! You’ve just gotten yourself a loyal customer!
Posted by: Kimberly from Katy, TX on 11/13/2007
I was surprised to see that your Coffee Break candle received only 4 marks. It is the BEST smelling coffee candle I have ever bought. (And, I've bought all of the expensive, major brand candles.) Thank you for the quality you bring to your product. I'm sold on your company and will be purchasing all of my candles from you from now on. Please consider making glass votive candles in the "Coffee Break" scent.
Posted by: Debbie from Burlington, Ky on 11/7/2007
My first time ordering from this company, I just received my candles and they are amazing, I will order again.
Posted by: Jennifer Utu from Reno, NV on 10/15/2007
I love to burn candles but have always been disappointed by so many brands, until I bought a Shortie's Candle. I have been purchasing these candles for years now. By far the scent is stronger than any other brand and the price for these candles are great!!! I have tried so many different flavors and have been greatly pleased by all of them. Spread the word to everyone, because the owners are also very nice.
Posted by: Dawn from Fenton, MI on 10/14/2007
I have searched for many years to find candles that are this consistent and great smelling! I have been a customer for two years now and I no longer buy any other brands at all. I burn the pomegranate and bubblegum in my office and I never tire of clients commenting on how great my office smells. Even people with sensitive noses (me) enjoy the clean crisp scents. I wish they offered brochures that I could display in my office for others to order, I’m getting sick of clients and employees begging me for one of my candles for their homes, I have learned to keep a couple extra on hand.
Posted by: LISA from KENOSHA , WI on 10/13/2007
Posted by: Nora Farmer from Ponder, TX on 10/6/2007
Posted by: Janece from Reno, NV on 09/24/2007
Hi, I stopped by at the Reno Meadowood Mall at your candle shop and bought a Vanilla Bean candle and took it home and a friend stopped by and thought I was baking it smelled so good! The man selling the candles was so nice and so polite also it makes you want to buy everything! Thank You!
Posted by: Emily from Orem, UT on 09/21/2007
I received my first order a few weeks ago. I just love the Chocolate Fudge Brownie candle. It smells for hours even after I’ve blown it out. :)
Posted by: Kathy from Ellicott City, MD on 09/20/2007
I was so disappointed to find out that Yankee Candle had discontinued their coffee scented candles but was thrilled to find that another company still made them. I ordered Coffee Break and Cappuccino Brulee. They arrived yesterday and I quickly lit them. I was amazed by their strong aroma and how wonderful they smelled. Better than the ones I had been purchasing before. They are not exaggerating when they say they are aromatic. The entire house smelled like coffee for a long time after we blew out the flame. I am thrilled.
Posted by: Jodee from Pearl City, IL on 09/12/2007
I’ve been looking for an inexpensive quality candle and came across your website and decided to give it a try---boy am I glad I did!! These are great candles and the shipping is reasonable!!
Posted by: Karon Howe from Granite Falls, NC on 09/7/2007
I think they are the best! I love them. They burn evenly and last forever. They smell so good to the very end. They are great gifts for friends. My friends always look forward to getting them. Thanks so much! Karon
Posted by: Rachel from Tiffin, OH on 09/6/2007
Well, I'm burning your first candle, the carrot cake candle, and it ROCKS! This is the highly scented candle I was looking for! Thanks! Rachel in Ohio
Posted by: Nancy Wells from Old Forge, NY on 09/4/2007
I have been looking for a great coffee scented candle for years. I came across your site while surfing the web in my search. The cost was so reasonable I thought it would be worth a try. The candles arrived in just a few days and WOW was I, am I, impressed. I could smell the delicious coffee even as I unpacked the carton. These candles are so true to their scent, strong enough to scent the entire house and long, long burning. I am delighted and will tell all my candles loving friends about your excellent product. I can't wait to try some of your other scents. Thank you!
Posted by: Kristen from Oxford, MS on 08/27/2007
I found these candles through Amazon and quickly went to your site after receiving these lovely vanilla candles in Iraq. I work in an old Saddam-era building filled with dust--I just placed another order because these candles actually chased the stink away. THANK YOU so much for shipping (quickly) to military APO addresses--the ladies deployed over here need every small delight we can get, and these candles have people making excuses to wander into my office and bask in the scent. They arrived in perfect condition, despite sitting in 130+º heat in transit. Can’t wait to get my next order!!!
Posted by: Kristi from Carson City, NV on 08/21/2007
I have been a Shortie’s fan for quite some time. I absolutely love candles, and have found these to be the BEST!!! I have given these candles as gifts and my friends and family LOVE them! I am recovering from major surgery and the smell of the candles helps relax me. Thanks for such an awesome product!!! I will be placing another order soon!
Posted by: Rock It Man from Carson City, NV on 08/3/2007
I viewed the impressive site. It was fun to see a site that is a viewing interest and someone can easly purchase candles.
Posted by: Tammy from Montrose, CO on 07/26/2007
Hello Shortie’s, I have been a candle lover for many years and spent a lot of money on Salt City, Yankee, country Scents and many more thinking the more expensive candles have the best scent but when I found Shortie’s Candles, you have high quality candles at a lower price, I am hooked on Shortie’s candles! There’s nothing better than a great smelling home or office. Thank You Shortie’s.
Posted by: Valerie from Chandler, AZ on 07/19/2007
I placed my very first order with Shortie’s Candles and they smell yummy! I must admit, shipping was a huge concern for me due to the heat in AZ in July. I didn’t want melted candles. I contacted customer service and they were SO helpful. The lady answered all my questions and was very patient. I was impressed by the careful way they were packaged. They all arrived beautifully with no melting! Thanks again. You’re a peach! :)
Posted by: Michele B. from DALLAS, TX on 07/19/2007
I love Shortie's Candles, they are awesome. I am a new customer but have already placed 11 orders, they are addictive!! Thanks for a wonderful product!!
Posted by: Tiffany Clark from BILOXI, MS on 07/13/2007
I just wanted to say how pleased I was with my very first purchase that I am HOOKED. Your Nag Champa scent has earned me compliments from everyone who walk in my door! I urge everyone to give these candles a try. They are sure to be more than impressed.
Posted by: Natalie N from Cave Creek , AZ on 07/3/2007
I have been purchasing Shortie's Candles for several years now and they continue to impress me with every purchase. Knowing that the business is ran but great people keeps me coming back - the Customer Service is beyond expectations and your site is unbelievable. Keep the new scents coming - I love the new cucumber melon and the Bubble Gum candle has and will continue to be at the top of my list - Great for the kids room. Lets them feel like being a kid.
Posted by: Julie from Boston, MA on 07/3/2007
I haven't even received my first order yet, however I am so impressed at the fact that you carry Baby Powder in such a big size. I am more than sure I will be happy with my order-Thanks
Posted by: JB from Reno, NV on 06/27/2007
I found these candles at a local Farmers Market several years ago, and was IMMEDIATLY impressed by the scents with being lit! Upon use the scents are even more intense! These are by far, THE best candles money can buy! I’m a Shortie’s customer for life!
Posted by: Guenevere from Monterey, CA on 06/17/2007
Everything you read about Shortie’s is true. The scents are magnificent. I purchased a eucalyptus which I burned for a few days. While on my walk, I passed a eucalyptus tree and thought, "that smells like my candle." The scents are true to life. Moreover, a small candle burned in one room permeates throughout the house. Thank you Shortie’s for an affordable quality product. Your customer service and fast shipping is just icing on the cake.
Posted by: Jennifer Nolan from Sundance, WY on 06/4/2007
Hi....my mom orders your candles a lot, and we love burning them in our house. I have just one request from you though, to make a Sweet Pea candle. Thanks Jen
Posted by: Pade P. from Fort Benton, MT on 05/26/2007
I am a candle fanatic and have been a loyal Henri Bendel, Bath & Body and Salt City shopper for years...but no more, they don't hold a candle to you!! Truly, you rock with Amazing scent throw, clean burn, long lasting and just incredible heavenly scents. Top that off with excellant everyday prices and great specials, free shipping deals and last but not least...Georgia who is by far the nicest customer service rep I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!! I am evermore a lifetime Shortie's customer and just want to thank you for an awesome product sold by an A+ company!! Keep up the good work Shortie's and Georgia!
Posted by: A. Way from Killeen, TX on 05/18/2007
These are by far the best candles ever. They smell no matter if you actually burn (and they do that evenly unlike many others I had in the past) them or use them on a candle warmer. I am so delighted with these candles I told all my friends about you and have had many compliments on the smell throughout the house with these wonderful candles. You get a "3" thumbs up from me. For smell, quality, and price. Thank you so much for an awesome product and a great shopping experience! A. Way
Posted by: Dennis from Miami, FL on 05/14/2007
I have been purchasing candles for many years from different companies around the nation. I began buying my candles from Shortie’s over two months ago, and I can honestly state that I will never purchase any candles from any other company, other than Shortie’s, ever again! Your candles are unequivocally the strongest in scents, the longest lasting, and the best variety that I have ever encountered. Furthermore, you have an employee named Georgia, whom I have had the pleasure of speaking to on a couple of occasions. Georgia, in every way, is the very finest and most professional Customer Service Rep that I have spoken with in many years! She is a true asset to your company! I can fully understand why, with candles like you produce, and with personnel, such as Georgia, your company is successful and will continue to be so in the future! Keep up the great product and the outstanding service! Sincerely, Dennis
Posted by: Julie Porter from PASCAGOULA, MS on 05/11/2007
I am a candle connoisseur. I’ve shopped all over the states and Caribbean for fine scented candles and I’m soooo impressed with the quality and price of Shortie’s Candles. The selection of scents has amazed me and the true to life scents have been right on the target. Your newest scents have sent me reeling. The new Cucumber Melon is so Fresh and Yummy, while your Coconut Lime Verbena has taken me back to the Caribbean! My hat’s off to you for such an exquisite scent. I’m telling all my friends, plus you’ve made gift buying a breeze. There’s not a better gift than a quality candle. Thank you and yours so much. Your BIGGEST FAN!! ALWAYS, JULIE PORTER
Posted by: Mrs. Nora Farmer from Ponder, TX on 05/03/2007
I love your candles and good prices. I will keep getting more plus I will spread the word. Thank you!
Posted by: Jennifer from Coopersville, MI on 04/12/2007
I found your site while doing a search for Nag Champa scented candles. I am thrilled that the search brought up your site and that I made the leap to purchase without physically handling/smelling your candles. All the scents I’ve purchased from you so far have been wonderful. Your scents are spot-on, the candles burn cleanly and thoroughly, and the prices are right. Another impetus for me was your CandleBucks program, which I love...I’m a big fan of a retailer that rewards loyalty.
I check the site nearly every day, if for nothing more than to see what’s new or newly discounted for the day/week/month. A new scent will always pique my interest and my list of scents I want to try seems to grow every time I visit the site.
I’m a big fan of the Nag Champa, Pina Colada, and Pineapple scents. Perfection! Would love to maybe see a spot-on Coconut scent and a Peony scent. Those are my only 2 favorite smells that you’re missing!
Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with us!
Posted by: K. Bradshaw from Reseda, CA on 03/22/2007
I recently searched for “Chocolate Candles” as an early birthday present to myself and was lead to your web site. I purchased one Chocolate Fudge Brownie and one Cappuccino Brulee candle and was pleasantly surprised as they arrived at my door step just a few days later. They have gone way above my expectations for both pre-lit scent and the wonderful aromas once I lit them. Thank you so much Shortie’s for such great products. I will not only be ordering from you again but I will also be making some referrals. Thanks again, K. Bradshaw
Posted by: Marilyn Kennedy from Hewitt, TX on 03/14/2007
Last Christmas I had the opportunity of smelling Shortie’s Candles for the first time at my Brother-In-Laws house. I just couldn’t believe the scent! I knew right then I had to order some. I was pleased to see the website on them. That was in California, but now I’m back in Texas. I can’t wait for my order to be shipped and enjoy (again) the unbelievable experience that the scent transports you to! I can say that Shortie’s Candles are of the best quality- Period. Thanks!!
Posted by: Steve from Los Angeles, CA on 03/13/2007
Great product and great customer service!!! I will order again and again!!
Posted by: Rian from Pleasanton , CA on 02/21/2007
I already love Shortie’s Candles, and I just want to say WOW on how incredibly fast I received my order! I placed my order at 11:30 AM on a Tuesday, and I received my order at 11 AM the very next day! And that was with the free shipping offer, and we are not even in the same state! I am AMAZED! The candles are also wonderful. I swear they burn longer than the stated burn times, too. Thank you for providing me with a great product and great service!
Posted by: Reena from Sidhu, CA on 02/11/2007
I have tried lots of different brand candles and never found what I want in a candle till I tried Shortie’s Candles..... and I NOW will never try any other brand of candles again...... my favorite is rose petals..... Good Job... Keep it up!
Posted by: Julie from Milazzo, LA on 02/3/2007
I was just playing around looking at different candle websites and came upon shortiescandles.com. Like the others said, I am glad I did. I burn a lot of candles and these just hold the smell like no other. I hope ya’ll keep doing what it is you are doing because I will continue to buy my candles from you from now on.
Posted by: Racquel from Paterson, NJ on 01/20/2007
I happened to find your website by accident and what a good accident it was. I saw you had scents that no one else had so I thought I’d give it a try. Your Banana Coconut Blast Scented Candle is AWESOME!!!!!! I am addicted to candles and Shortie’s is my fix. I’ve already picked out my scents for my next order. It’s nice to finally find candles that smell good and throw good!
Posted by: Scott from Sparks, NV on 01/8/2007
My cousin and husband gave me a bunch of Shortie's Candles for my birthday, which was in October and since then I have burned Shortie's Candles everyday. I was sold on Salt City, and you know me....when I am set, I am set. Well I had to give in and I have to tell EVERYONE...Shortie's Candles are the best and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone. These are the best and will out burn any other candles you may have. If you have any desire to try something....try these!!!!
Posted by: Kath from Coopersville, MI on 01/5/2007
Absolutely the finest scents, prices, and customer service! The candles burn beautifully in the jars, there’s no messing with wax. Customer Service took the time to help out with a stalled FedEx problem before Christmas, and the candles arrived before the holiday for gifts. Each fragrance was perfect. I almost wanted to keep them for myself. I used to buy from Yankee, but now Shortie’s has my business. I’m addicted to the Nag Champa! Thanks Shortie’s for being my fix!!
Posted by: Lisa from Ft Lauderdale, FL on 01/5/2007
WOW! I stumbled onto ShortiesCandles.com by accident and it has probably been the best accident I have ever had. These candles are amazing! I used to buy only Yankee candles but now I’m SOLD on Shortie’s. I’m hoping that some day you create a "Popcorn" scented candle...lol.
Posted by: Tracy from York, PA on 01/2/2007
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with these candles!!! I ordered several to give as Christmas gifts...kept Blueberry Cobbler and Baby Powder for myself. I love them both. Best candles I have ever had. The scent fills the whole house.
Posted by: Dawn Rose from Gilroy, CA on 12/16/2006
I have only ordered the Nag Champa candles from your site, and they are fantastic! I have placed 3 orders already and will DEFINITELY be a return customer. Your candles are wonderful!
Posted by: K. Lyons from Chadwicks, NY on 12/15/2006
Just what I always wanted in a scented candle. Hope to see some soon in local stores. Thanx again; a very satisfied customer................................
Posted by: Nitza from Norwalk, CT on 12/14/2006
I just received the 10 candles that I ordered from you today, some are for Christmas gifts and the others are for me. I smelled all the candles and they smell wonderful, especially the Butter Pecan Pie candle. They were packed very carefully and they arrived in perfect conditions. Thanks, I really love your candles. They are the best. This is the first order that I placed with you and I am very happy with the service and the products.
Posted by: Dorothy from Clinton, NC on 12/12/2006
Thank you Shortie's Candles! I received my candles on 12/8/06. I plan to use some for Christmas gifts and some for myself. They really smell wonderful and can't wait to use them!!! I will surely recommend your website to others.
Posted by: Charlotte from Sacramento, CA on 12/5/2006
What a pleasant surprise! They are Really strong scented candles. I ordered the Christmas tree scent and the butter pecan pie. I have tried almost all the top brand name candles, many times disappointed "I THINK I can smell something" But when I light the Shortie's Candles, Oh such a lovely fragrance filled my rooms...I will be using your site from now on.
Posted by: Carla W. from Mcgehee, AR on 11/27/2006
I recently ordered two small candles from Shortie's just to try them out. They are the best smelling candles I have ever burned, and I have burned a lot of candles. I will be ordering the large ones from now on! Thanks Shortie's!
Posted by: Monique from Cleveland, OH on 10/25/2006
I got the 14 candles that I ordered from you today and I must say I am impressed so far. Right away I lit the Spicy Pumpkin and the Caramel Apple Cider ones... after about 30 minutes the house is smelling wonderful! I smelled each candle as I unpacked the shipment. I have ordered many candles from MANY other websites and have been disappointed. Many claim that theirs are the best. After spending a lot of money on those I can say that I will surely be back to place other orders with Shortie’s, there is no doubt. Your site is great and your fragrances are awesome too. I can’t wait to burn my Spiced Amaretto Candle, and the Jelly Bean and the Dragon’s Blood.... etc. I am so happy that I came across your site and will be sure to tell everyone I know about it. Yankee used to be my favorite for scent throw, but I think Shortie’s has surpassed and taken over my #1 spot!
Posted by: Carrie Cannon from Arlington, VA on 10/17/2006
I love your candles. I remember the first time I found Shortie’s in Reno, Nevada. Everyone was so nice and I remember thinking how cool it was that they were handmade and how well they smelled and how long the scent lasted. I love them and always spread the good word to my friends back here in the East. The website has changed a little but looks awesome!
Posted by: Barbara from Lancaster, CA on 10/13/2006
Hi, I just got my order today. I am 100% happy Thank You. I will be placing another order shortly. I am so impressed. Fast shipping. Scents are fabulous. Thanks!
Posted by: J.Jared from Akron, OH on 10/12/2006
If Shortie’s had an outlet close to me I’d have to work there to pay for my candles. I LOVE THEM that much. Thanks for the best smelling candles. Your company is great and I can’t wait for Christmas I’m only asking for Shortie’s Candles.
Posted by: Yolanda from Richmond, CA on 09/18/2006
Thanks so much for the candles. I received them the next day and that made my day. I love all the scents I purchased and we are enjoying them everyday. I can't wait to burn my Mistletoe Moments for the Holidays. I'll be putting in another order soon. Have a great day.
Posted by: Judy J. from Akron, OH on 08/15/2006
These candles are GREAT! The heck with others that barely have a scent!!!! Makes my home smell good all over. Shortie's has me for life.
Posted by: Carmen from Philadelphia, PA on 08/14/2006
I love your candles they smell so good. They aren't like other candles that smell good but when you light them there's no scent. I've told my sisters, mother, & friends about your site and candles. I'm happy I found your site. I'll be a customer for life.
Posted by: JoAnne H. from Baytown, TX on 07/27/2006
I just received my 3rd order from your company and I love them all!! Your scents are far superior to any others I have tried and they last a long time to. I use them with a candle warmer and the aroma fills my home and office. And I must compliment you on the fine customer service and super fast shipping!! I will most definitely be back again and again!!
Posted by: Lisa from Manchester, NH on 07/20/2006
I just love these candles. They put all the other brands to shame.
Posted by: Bob G. from Danville, CA on 07/7/2006
I am 70 years old and I have been burning candles and buying scents my entire life. I remember buying scents from China Town in San Francisco and loving the fragrances. Shortie's Candles are strong and wonderful and bring back lots of memories. I have also been a Yankee Candle patron, but Shortie's Candles are even better then Yankee Candle.
Posted by: Andrea from Hartford, CT on 06/26/2006
I bought and received my Shortie's Candles within one week. Love the quick shipping! Pina Colada unburned is a delight, but light it and it becomes out of this world! Thank you for your wonderful product! I'm looking forward to many future purchases.
Posted by: Rosa from Miami, FL on 06/13/2006
Love your product and the scents cannot be beat. Thank you for your amazing service and product quality.
Posted by: Norma from Brooklyn, NY on 03/29/2006
I have tried many fragrant candles, but Shortie's Candles make my whole house smell wonderful, even after they are out overnight- Thanks for a great product!
Posted by: Rachel from O'Fallon, MO on 03/07/2006
I just got my order today and tried out Fresh Peppermint and Lavender. Love them both. WOW they dooooo fill the house perfect. Thanks so much. I'm glad I found you.
Posted by: Carole from Pepperell, MA on 02/25/2006
You folks have it all over Yankee Candle and the rest of them. I'm a very picky "candle shopper". I burn candles daily, so I've tried them all, and your candles, without a doubt, are the best. You'll definitely see more orders from me!!
Posted by: Carrie from Port Orange, FL on 02/16/2006
Thank you for the quick shipping!
Posted by: David from Memphis, TN on 01/14/2006
Thanks for a simple and informative website design.
Posted by: Gordy and Jean from Chippewa Falls, WI on 12/26/2005
Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the wonderful scents of the candles. We have never had any candles that smell as good as these! They are just super!! Thank you so much.
Posted by: Kat from Sparks, NV on 12/21/2005
I just wanted to take a moment to extend a HUGE thank you for the special attention with my candle order! I just think you guys go above and beyond with your customer service, and again, I thank you. I hope your candle company will continue to flourish and do extremely well. Your candles have spoiled me, and I will refer everyone to your website in the future!
Posted by: Bud from Staten Island, NY on 12/20/2005
Received your product. Was very happy with the service and the people that work for Shortie's. Will use your site in the future and recommend you to my friends. Thank you again for the service.
Posted by: Sharon from Charlotte Hall, MD on 12/19/2005
The Spiced Amaretto is a lovely scent and I had searched specifically to find it which led me to your website. Thank you for your help. I look forward to ordering again in the future.
Posted by: Jon from Chaska, MN on 11/16/2005
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent products. I recently gave one of your Hot Fudge Brownie candles as a birthday gift and the birthday person was ABSOLUTELY thrilled and cannot stop talking about how wonderful the candle scent it. Thx
Posted by: Kate from San Francisco, CA on 11/09/2005
I just received my order -- you guys are fast and the candles smell great! Happy Holidays!
Posted by: Lowell from Ashton, ID on 11/09/2005
Candles arrived as promised and when promised. Thanks. I'll never again deal with any other online dealer.
Posted by: Jaden from Saint Louis, MO on 11/04/2005
Shortie's Candles has great customer service and it's so appreciated. I find that's lacking so much in today's world. When I find a company that treats me as well as Shortie's I stick with them. Thank you so much for the update!! Take care!
Posted by: Beverly from Meridian, MS on 10/21/2005
I've been burning candles for years. I've tried several scents in our school office, and everyone who visits loves them. My favorites are Lemon Blueberry Twist, Pears and Berries, Pearberry, Sex on the Beach, and Pomegranate. I just placed another order for Bakery and Holiday Scents. I can't wait.
Posted by: Debbie from Birdsboro, PA on 06/16/2005
I wanted to thank you so very much for sending me a replacement for my broken candle. (I have been notified that it is on its way.) I appreciate your great service and will not buy my candles from anywhere else. Shortie's Candles has been so great to talk to and deal with. Thanks Again!
Posted by: Stefanie from Reno, NV on 06/08/2005
I love candles and thought I would try these out. I got them home and after I lit them I knew I was hooked. They smell great!!! They also burn forever. What a wonderful product.
Posted by: Wheeler Family from Oklahoma City, OK on 04/30/2005
I have tried many brands of candles from retailers and online over the years. Shortie's Candles consistently burn better and have the most incredible fragrances that will fill a room within minutes and last long after the candle is blown out. Great candles!
Posted by: Brien-Truckee River Tile and Stone from Reno, NV on 04/28/2005
We're really enjoying the candles. Can't wait to share them w/ the mom, mother-in-law, and step mom. We've been burning the green tea at work and the peach-grapefruit at home. They burn well....almost more cleanly.
Posted by: Julie from Hoisington, KS on 03/31/2005
I just received my first order from Shortie's Candles, and went into the reception area at my work, and the secretary said I smelled like chocolate, and another employee came in right after that, and said the same thing! I had been in my office all afternoon, burning a Hot Fudge Brownie candle. All I can say is I think some more candles will be sold there.
Posted by: Jeanne from Glendale, AZ on 03/08/2005
Last year for Christmas I sent my family of 7 each a Shortie's Candle. I had never received Thank You notes for the gifts I had sent in the past. But this time I got all kinds of Thank You's from my family. Those candles were some kind of wonder for them all.
Posted by: Bonnie from Everett, WA on 02/24/2005
Wow! Great service and I can't gush enough about these candles. I have tried many different brands, from Yankee to Partylite, to homemade candles found on ebay. Shortie's are so great, burn clean, smell outstandingly wonderful (especially Blueberry Cobbler and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie) I will be back for sure! Thanks so much.
Posted by: Jill from Schaumburg, IL on 01/24/2005
I like your candles. I placed my first order and received them and we were all having a sniffing party at work! (So you will get more orders, hee hee). I like the free shipping on orders over $65 - that helps the cost for me! Also like the Candle Bucks to use on my next order. I am working my way through all your scents trying the ones that sound interesting and then will order more of my favorites. I like that you don't have to burn them for 3 hours to get the house smelling. But they aren't TOO strong to give me a headache...they're just riiiiiigggghhht! (SMILEY)
Posted by: Heidi from Reno, NV on 01/21/2005
I LOVE your candles. They are the only candles I will buy. Thanks.
Posted by: Shanali from Westminster, CA on 01/17/2005
I just can't believe how good these candles smell. Even my husband likes them. I was a pretty loyal customer of Yankee Candles, but no more! These burn evenly, there's no smoke/black soot on the jar, and the smell is rich and full, no matter what the fragrance. I love how you have them all categorized on your site so it's easy to go to your preferences and choose fragrances. Best of all, they're less expensive than a lot of other candles. I can't wait to try out more of them! Thanks.
Posted by: Michelle from Fort Collins, CO on 01/03/2005
Hi! I am a candle fanatic and my husband has bought me candles from your site before. Let me tell you, I adore them!
Posted by: Lesley from Santa Maria, CA on 12/28/2004
I was a long-time Yankee Candle customer - until I wanted Hawaiian flower scents and found Shortie's. Shortie's has a larger, more delectable array of scents, better prices, and the best, friendliest customer service I have ever received. Thanks!
Posted by: Debbie from Sacramento, CA on 12/23/2004
I want you to know that I bought a huge amount of Candles this Christmas season, and I must tell you that your candles lasted longer and burned better and smelled better than any other candles I purchased this year. I want you to know that I will be back and will continue to buy your product. Thank You
Posted by: Jake from Alpena, MI on 12/09/2004
Hey, your candles are sweet. I'm 14 and I'm in the high school and my mom ordered some candles from you guys. They're pretty good. OK later.
Posted by: Karen from Colden, NY on 11/09/2004
As a new customer of Shortie's Candles, I am "scentsationally" pleased by the quality of these candles! The aroma fills our home with the wondrous smells of the season (Spicy Pumpkin) and thoughts linger to friends and family. As wonderful as the fragrance is, the quality of the burn of the candle is second to none. This product is easy to work with (no pushing down the wax) and burns completely off the sides of the jar. If you are an avid candle aficionado, do not hesitate to experience these marvelous candles. You will not be disappointed.
Posted by: Kim from Staten Island, NY on 10/28/2004
This was my first time ordering from you, and I will be ordering again! The candles are soo strong you could smell them through the box! And when I lit them, it only took 5 mins for it to scent up my whole room! Very rich & creamy! Thank you soo Much! I am soo happy I found candles that actually have a strong scent!
Posted by: Chris from Reno, NV on 10/02/2004
Shortie's Candles are the best. They beat any other candles I have purchased over the years!!
Posted by: Marlene from Vancouver, WA on 09/06/2004
I have just received my first order of Shortie’s Candles and I am very impressed not only with the scent but also how nice they burn. The service was excellent and I will be placing another order soon. I have tried Salt City Candles and also Gold Canyon brands which were okay but I am very satisfied with Shortie’s.
Posted by: Joanne from Souderton, PA on 06/28/2004
I tried them and really like them a lot! I'm a regular candle burner and have been for more then 25 years. I'm disabled now, so I can't afford to buy ones I do not find smell or burn to my satisfaction. There are many brands that do not burn all the way down or do not smell after they are lit one time. Thank you!
Posted by: Leidet from Miami, FL on 03/12/2004
I have been ordering candles from different companies and I ordered Nag Champa from you and let me tell you that it was the best. I just placed another order now for a different scent that I am sure I will be delighted with as well. Thank you very much!
Posted by: Louie D Locke from Reno, NV on 01/17/2004
Just wanted to let you know that I got a Yankee candle from a friend for Christmas. These used to be my favorites. I was amazed at how spoiled I have gotten from Shortie's Candles - your's smell better, longer, & burn 10x better than the Yankees do. Thanks for making such great candles!
Posted by: Autumn from Carson City, NV on 09/06/2003
WOW! I'm very pleased with Shortie's candles. Not only do they smell wonderful but they burn all the way down to the very bottom of the jar, unlike the competition. I'm a huge candle junkie and I would highly recommend these candles to anyone who has not yet tried one. I'm only buying Shortie's from now on!!
Posted by: Michael C. LeBlanc from Reno, NV on 07/23/2003
Shortie's Candles are the most fabulous candles I've ever experienced. The fragrances are true to their descriptions and their burn times are actually longer than advertised. After burning Yankee and Salt City candles for years, I'm sticking with Shortie's!
Posted by: Emma from Sacramento, CA on 02/16/2003
I can honestly say that Shortie's Candles are the best candles I have ever burned. They are stronger and burn more consistently than any other candles. As a 40+ year candle user, I would say that is quite an accomplishment. Nice work!
Posted by: Marie from Reno, NV on 12/19/2002
I used to be an avid Salt City fan until I tried your Vanilla Bean Candle. I was blown away by how strong it was. It filled up my whole house! Since then I have tried at least 20 more scents and your candles keep impressing me! You have earned a customer for life!
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