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Candle Burning Tips
Where is the best place to put my candle to maximize the scent?
Place on a safe, level, heat resistant surface. If your house has vaulted ceilings place your candle where the ceiling is lowest. Burn your candle in a non-drafty room. Remember to keep your candles away from any flammable products, and high enough to be out of reach of curious children and pets. Never burn unattended.
How long should I burn my candles?
Burn candles 2-3 hours at a time. This is our professional recommendation. If you let your candle burn for at least 3 hours the whole top layer of your candle will be liquid. If you need to blow it out early make sure the top layer of wax is wet. This insures an even burn the whole life of the candle. You can always burn your candles longer than three hours, but we recommend that you blow it out at about 3 hours and let it cool, trim your wick, and then relight.
Do I have to pour wax out and push the sides of the candle down like I do with most of my candles?
No. Our combination of wax with our wicks is the best for container candles. The wicks have been tested to fit perfectly with the size jar they are used in. The wicks are strong enough to burn each size candle completely out to the edge and to the bottom of the candle every time.
Why does my candle smoke sometimes and how do I eliminate this?
As a general rule, scented candles will have minimal smoking due to the amount of scent put in them. Before you light your candle, make sure the wick is only ¼ inch. This seems short, but trust me the wicks are strong enough to give you an even burn. If your candle does start smoking you should blow it out and let the candle cool. Then trim your wick and relight. If it continues to smoke, blow it out and rub the wick between your thumb and forefinger. This removes any excess debris that might cause smoking, then relight. Please be careful when handling hot containers.
Is there any lead in your candles?
No. For many years candle makers were using wicks that had a lead core. This was so the wick would stand straight up. Once they found out that lead was bad for your health most candle companies replaced their lead core wicks with zinc core wicks because they had the same results without the health issues. Some companies may still use lead wicks, so this is a great question to ask when buying a candle. We use a cotton wick with a zinc core. Our wicks stand straight the entire time you are burning them to ensure a consistent burn every time.
Why do I have to trim my wick?
You trim your wick to keep down the size of the flame, and to maximize your burn times. The longer your wick, the larger your flame. The hotter your candle burns, so the faster your candle burns. A ¼ inch length wick is our recommended length at all times.
What is the best way to extinguish my candle?
You can blow it out like your used to, but to ensure that your hot wax doesn't splash you hold your forefinger to your lips and blow so the air travels around your finger and attacks the flame from both sides. To extinguish your candle with no smoking, safely dip your wick into the melted pool of wax. A great device we recommend would be our Shortie's Wick Dipper. Once the flame is extinguished straighten the wick back to burn position for next time.
If I need to store my candles where is the best place to store them?
Store your candles in a cool, dark room. Preferably somewhere with a consistent temperature.
Does it make a difference if there is wick debris in my candle?
Yes. If you leave wick debris in your wax it can cause uneven burning of your candle, and can be a fire hazard. Please be careful to keep direct flame off your glass because it can cause your glass to get too hot and shatter.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the care of your candles. If there are any more questions please call us at toll free 866-GR8-SCNT (478-7268) or send us an email to All your questions are great and help us serve you better.
We are committed to providing top-quality products to our customers. If you have any problems or truly feel that it does not live up to your expectations, let us know and we will make it right. It's that simple.
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