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Would you like to know what our customers have to say about our products? All of the below customer testimonials are 100% Real! You may also click here to leave your own thoughts on products you have experienced, or rate and review your favorite products on the actual product page. We welcome your opinion good or bad, your thoughts will help us create the best product and fragrance line possible!
Posted by: Carol McCormick
Rabun Gap, GA
These are the BEST wax melts I have ever used! Some of my favorites are Patchouli and Pinyon and anything that’s amber. I have tried to buy others at the store thinking “how bad can they be?” They’re bad. In light of the quality of Shorties I can’t imagine finding anything better.
Posted by: Vanessa McDaniel
Rocky Point , NC
I ordered Cinnamon bark melts for my warmer. I received my order 4 days before expected, which was a pleasant surprise! The wax cubes smell amazing in container, however, didn't put off much Cinnamon smell in my rooms.
Posted by: Erin
Sacramento, CA
I was given a Shorties candle as a gift (Jasmine scent) a few years ago. I instantly LOVED IT! I've searched but never found another candle to compare! The fragrances are just incredible! No chemical smell like so many out there. These candles are long lasting, and what I love even more is the way they scent the entire room for hours even after I blow them out. It's so nice to feel enveloped in a beautiful, natural, pleasing fragrance when I move through my home. These may seem more expensive than other brands, but I can honestly say these are products that are truly worth every penny. You're buying real quality here, and getting great value. They burn cleanly, and seem to last forever. The quality of the fragrances used have no equal that I've ever found - and I've bought a lot of candles over the years. I just received my latest order (trying some Plumeria melts & some tea lights) as well as another jasmine 3 wick jar candle and I can't wait to enjoy these too. Trust me, you will LOVE these candles!
Posted by: Joanne Michaels
Peoria, AZ
Shorties wax melts are amazing! Love me some Stargazer Lily! Lasts for a week!
Posted by: Kristiana
Charlottesville , VA
Absolutely the most fragrant tea candles I have ever used. I am now a devotee! Unlit tea candles left in place for a next lighting scent the room so that the fragrance isn�t just limited to the burning time.
Posted by: Jan
Mahomet, IL
I use wax melts all the time and was doing a search to reorder. Saw this brand and decided to try them. I love them and they are at top of favorites!
Posted by: Lou Williams
Best smelling wax I've ever smelled. The rose petals last forever and smell so good. Love this company
Posted by: Marcia
Albuquerque , NM
These are the BEST soy wax candles! They burn evenly, not leaving wasted wax alongside inside of jar. Scents are very pure and fragrant. My first scent I ordered is Bayberry Fir, because I love ALL things pine, juniper, etc. I will be ordering more very soon. I took a couple of pictures but not sure if and how I can upload them here. Thank you Shorties Candles! Marcia
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