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Would you like to know what our customers have to say about our products? All of the below customer testimonials are 100% Real! You may also click here to leave your own thoughts on products you have experienced, or rate and review your favorite products on the actual product page. We welcome your opinion good or bad, your thoughts will help us create the best product and fragrance line possible!
Posted by: Graham
Orlando, FL
I ordered the Cucumber & Cantaloupe it was amazing. This was a favorite scent that was discontinued by Yankee. I am so happy to have found an even better replacement! Thank You Shortie's
I know I just posted but I had to tell everyone. I got the White Chocolate Mint. I brought it to work for my candle warmer. There are a lot of ladies that can't stand the sweet smells so I thought-let me try the food smells. I wish I had stock in Hershey's Milk Chocolate today. Everyone loves this candle. I have seen more co workers today trying to find the smell of the candle than I have in several months. Even the book keeper came out of his "closet" looking for where the smell was coming from. Thanks for the great candle.
Posted by: Lisa Baker Kail
Covington, TN
I ordered the White Chocolate Mint and it is wonderful. I have it on my warmer now in the kitchen. Thanks for making a wonderful candle!
Posted by: Christianna T.
Inglewood, CA
My name is Christianna and I am Junes daughter. You recently did some custom candles for her for a textile line called Nutmeg, by J. Robert Scott. I just wanted to let you know that I cannot get enough of the candle you made. It is SO delicious smelling. In fact when my mother brought it home I wouldn't let go of it, let alone take a breath without it. You have made a wonderful candle!
Posted by: Cathi
Grand Prairie, TX
I ordered for the first time and can say I am 100% satisfied. I had been ordering for years from Illuminations, and was heartbroken when they went out of business. But while searching online for a new source, found Shorties --- and found they had Carnation scented candles, and Lilac scented too!! The candles fill the room with wonderful, true fragrance immediately. And best of all, they burn clean. No waste ! Thanks Shorties.
Posted by: Karla
Colorado Springs, CO
I just happened to come across your candle site online. I ordered a few just to try them out. I love the different categories you list them in. I chose mine by way of popularity and strength of the scent (I have 2 dogs in my house.) The candles are great! I am able to purchase the Yankee Candles at 1/2 price, but find that I prefer the Shortie's Candles. Shorties does run some great specials, AND your customer service is GREAT! Thanx!
Posted by: Sharon A. Curvin
Tonawanda, NY
I love your candles and am very particular about what I buy. I don't like "over the counter" candles. The scents are incredible and long lasting. Every scent reminds me of something peaceful, exhilarating, putting me in the holiday mood. Vitality Settlements, Inc.
Posted by: Bart Weger
Lewisville, Tx
I just came across Shortie's Candle Company on the internet a couple of weeks ago. Several months ago I had purchased another companies scent warmer but really thought their scent melters were a little expensive so I had 2 warmers I wasn't using. I decided to try Shortie's scented oil melters, they were reasonably priced so I thought I'd give them a try. I received my order in 2-3 days and could smell the scents through the box. Pleasantly surprised, these oil melters are GREAT! I have just ordered 8 more scents today and can't wait to get them.
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