by: Georgia
"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change" Wayne Dyer (you might remember him from PBS, the bald dude - he was amazing!!!!)

How difficult is Change to you and how do you handle it? It can be scary when we don't know the other side. The other side of down is up. The other side of night is day. Do you sit and wait for things to change around you and just see where you end up? Do you hide from the flow? Do you try to keep things the same, through force? Do you try to adapt while going with the flow sort of approach? Or do you jump into action, spot the opportunities, and continue to move forward? Continue to work toward that goal you wrote on a piece of paper and taped to your wall? ...even when it feels impossible!

The other morning I was chatting with my friend Brandy and she asked me "Did you change your lemongrass fragrance? It doesn't seem to last as long as it used to."

My response "We didn't change the fragrance but we did change the wax base it went into." I went on to explain "We had a wax formula that we used for years and years. A few months ago we got in a shipment of our wax and it was very soft. We noticed it once we tried to use the melters. The wax was really difficult to get out of the containers. This was not the quality we were used to providing and we had to make a decision-come up with a new formula or stop offering wax melts. We acted fast and incorporated a wax formula that we had used for other projects and really love as well. It's a great formula and has served as a wonderful replacement. In the meantime, we have been furiously testing, mixing, measuring, pouring, stirring up and inventing a new formula that not only releases from the container, it also has a phenomenal scent throw and longevity. We have a small group of "Tester Fans" whom have helped aid in our adventure. (Thank you to you all!!!) With phenomenal success: We call it Formula 117! Yes, 117 experiments later we have an Outstanding Melter! Yes, we failed 116 times. We got up 116 times and pushed forward. We mixed. We poured. We tested. We tried. We documented. We calculated. We researched. We questioned, and we Succeeded! Now, I can tape a new goal to my wall!

Whatever I'm working toward, I secretly hope I fail because every time I can recognize that failure, it gives me another opportunity to get closer to my successes! Somewhere in my 10,000 No's, I'll find a Heck Yes! In this case, it was #117. I just needed to notice what I was overlooking. Once I noticed it, we found the answer and reached our goal!

We all have very different goals. Our goal happens to be putting a smile on your face and filling your space with happiness. No matter what you are striving for, keep going! Give it your best and keep looking at the small successes throughout each moment of your day.

posted on Sun, Mar 29th
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